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beware v : be on one's guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to; "Beware of telephone salesmen" [syn: mind]

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Compound of be- and the verb ware



  1. defective transitive or intransitive To use caution, pay attention (to) (if intransitive, construed with of).
    • , I.ii
      Beware the Ides of March.

Usage notes

The verb beware has become a defective verb and now lacks forms such as the third-person singular simple present bewares and the simple past bewared. It can only be used imperatively (Beware of the dog!) or as an infinitive (You must beware of the dog or They told me to beware of the dog).
The inflected forms bewares, bewared, and bewaring are called obsolete in Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage, along with the simple indicative "I beware". The forms bewares and bewared are very rarely found in modern texts, though bewaring is slightly less rare. These inflections are more likely to be found in very old texts.


use caution, pay attention (to)

Extensive Definition

For article about the bosnian nu-metalcore band, go to Beware.
Beware was the fifth release from the Lodi, New Jersey horror punk band The Misfits. Since it was originally intended to be available for the group's 1979 UK tour, it combined two earlier, out of press releases, with the substitution of one new track.
This 12" EP was co-released in the UK in January of 1980 by Armageddon/Spartan Records and in the US by Glenn Danzig's Plan 9 Records as number PLP9. A pressing run of 3000 was ordered with 3120 actually being delivered by the pressing plant. A limited number of copies were sold within the US through the Misfits Fiend Club, which included an 8"x10" photo of the album cover as an insert.
The first four songs were the same mixes used on the Bullet EP, but with the tracks in reverse order. The other side was essentially the Horror Business EP. However, the song "Children In Heat" was replaced by the only previously unreleased track, "Last Caress."
The entire EP was recorded at C.I. Recording in New York City, but on two separate occasions, one year apart. Bullet had been recorded in January of 1978. Horror Business was recorded one year later. "Last Caress" was also recorded at the first session, but was remixed, with reverb added to the vocals and the guitar more prominent, in September of 1979 by Glenn Danzig and Bobby Steele. It was the only track ever to be released from that particular mixing session.
Metallica later covered "Last Caress" for their 1987 EP Garage Days Re-Revisited, as part of a mash-up with "Green Hell." It was later reissued on Metallica's 1998 cover album, Garage Inc.

Track listing

Side A.
  1. "We Are 138" (Danzig) – 1:40
  2. "Bullet" (Danzig) – 1:37
  3. "Hollywood Babylon" (Danzig) – 2:17
  4. "Attitude" (Danzig) – 1:28
Side B.
  1. "Horror Business" (Danzig) – 2:42
  2. "Teenagers From Mars" (Danzig) – 2:41
  3. "Last Caress" (Danzig) – 1:55


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